Ultra Linear Irrigation Systems

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T-L’s “ULTRA Linear Tractor” allows you to irrigate adjacent parallel fields with one system. The spans linear pivot around a stationary 4-wheel tractor using a furrow, cable, concrete ditch or buried wire for guidance. The tractor can rotate allowing the system to operate in a variety of orientations such as a linear pivot.

Cost Benefits / Water Conservation:

  • Maximize irrigated acres using one machine.
  • Irrigate L-shaped fields.
  • Can operate as either a linear pivot or just as a pivot.
  • Reduce labor costs up to 90% compared to traditional irrigation methods such as gated pipe.
  • Continuous movement results in very high distribution uniformity.

User Risk:

  • Low Voltage DC power eliminates the risks associated with high voltage AC power.
  • Proprietary Hydro-Clear® Hydraulic Pivot Oil formulation is environmentally friendly.

Innovative Qualities:

  • Continuous movement achieved through the Hydrostatic Drive vs. start-stop action of high voltage AC machines.
  • Only system in the industry to utilize real-time speed feedback for accurate speed control.
  • Speed Sensors in the hydraulic motors at each end tower.

Ease of Use:

  • User friendly Precision Linear Control Panel.
  • Real-time diagnostic information at user’s fingertips.

Time Savings:

  • Automatic application changes can be programmed at different locations in the field, reducing the number of trips made.

Design Quality:

  • Versatile tractor platform can be adapted to several water feed and guidance options.